Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The 2014 Film Review Challenge

I neeeeed this for the longest time possible and my fella here, Hamidah, just pointed it out for me. She out of the blue had posted a very intriguing offer on my facebook wall which was a 2014 film review challenge.

It'd be fun to be challenged and keep a track of our films that we've watched so far for a year. So at the end of the year we'll know exactly how many and how do we feel everytime we watch em. And anyway, it's good to keep on practicing our writing skill. Then I said, challenge accepted!

Though it is completely personal challenge, if any of you guys wanted to be part of this, then come and join. Here's short how to below.

1. Write a blog title with the following format:
     [Title] [Released Year] [#Consecutive number of the film you've watched] e.g.:
     American Hustle (2013) #1
     12 Years A Slave (2014) #2
2. Write a basic information of the film, consisting:
    - Title (Released Year)
    - IMDb Rating or Rotten Tomatoes Rating (or any film rating you consider legit)
    - Director
    - Writer
    - Starring (Actors/ Actresses)
3. Write a simple plot of the film.
4. Write anything you want regarding the film, it can be:

    - how was the plot/ the acting
    - how did the film make you feel and why
    - your favourite part/ scenes of the film (avoid spoilers as min as possible & no story twists)
    - adding a youtube trailer or any trivia/ facts will be fun
    - how do you recommend to others, is it yay/nay to watch
    - lastly, your very own rating in 10/10 basis

I already had a quite long list waiting to be reviewed soon. From now on it will most probably be written short and simple. Considering that the most important thing is to give a straight to the point message about how the film left impressions in you. Was it worth watching or not and such.

So I guess that's it and I hope this will be a total doable challenge to all of us.
Good luck and happy watching! ;)


  1. Aku baru lihat blogmu ndaaaah m(_ _)m capcus buat post master dulu xD

    1. wkwkkwkkkk swanteee haaam, btw sangkyu udah dishare T_____T

    2. aku ngajak beberapa teman yang suka film juga ndah, semoga mereka jadi ikut ^_^